Multiple Milling Lines

Below are some reasons why many companies are looking into multiple modular systems over one large pellet operation.

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6 of our 220 KW units running together can produce 18-24 tonnes of high-quality pellets. Our systems need no steam injection, and we can combine automation to allow multiple units to be run by a minimum workforce. The savings of going with multiple units can be substantially lower than the traditional large ring mill die set up.

Shorter Down Time

Multiple systems running together eliminate downtime in production. For example, as one is being cleaned and maintained, the others are still producing (not the case with a single large mill). With a smaller unit, repair is often undertaken within an hour, with minimal labor effort, and with much less cost as spares are often on hand and inexpensive.

Electricity Cost

Our systems are the most cost efficient on the market. Cost to production ratio is much lower than the industry standard. For example our 12 – 16 tonnes per hour system has an electricity cost of only $7 – $9 per tonne for all eclectic components from drying to grinding pelleting and bagging! (based on softwood chips to pellets @ $0.10 cents kw/h.)

Multiple Lines

Companies often need to diversify today to stay ahead in business. With multiple units, it is possible to run separate lines of pellet production at the same time, creating a more stable business platform.

6 Units of Pellet Press Production Line


Our systems are modular and can be added to at any time, which makes growing a business affordable. As your business grows, extra single units can be added to an existing multiple system line at a reduced cost. This allows your company to start with smaller costs initially and build your business at a realistic pace.

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