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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pellet Mill systems are not only affordable, they’re also long-lasting. Many operators see a return on their investment within 1 year or even less! We also have leasing options if you wish to spread the cost. If you’re in the UK and have any questions about the pricing of our Pellet Mills, please get in touch today.

Q: How dry does my material need to be to pelletize?

A: Traditional Pellet Mills require 10-12% moisture to create a premium fuel pellet. That’s not the case with our system! Due to the unique design of our pellet mill, we can take woody biomass material up to 24% moisture and still produce a premium fuel pellet. For certain feeds, bedding, and fertilizer (such as chicken manure pellets), the moisture can be higher (up to 40%), but mould can arise in higher moisture pellets.

Q: Do you sell drying systems for wet material?

A: Yes! We have custom-built rotary dryers for all types of application from very wet sludge drying, to agricultural products and woodchips and sawdust. We also offer specialised low-temperature drying for heat-sensitive materials, such as hops and hemp. Please also see our dedicated biomass dryer website for more info.

Q: How big does the feedstock need to be?

A: We recommend 6-8mm for most materials.

Q: What type and size of pellets can I make?

A: We offer a unique system that has many different capabilities. Please contact us for more details.

Q: How long have you been around? Can I see an existing mill?

A: Kesir has been manufacturing and selling systems in both Europe and North America for over 13 years. Our Dryer Manufacturing side of the business has been operating for over 30 years. We have a test facility available in Canada and the Czech Republic. Please contact us before sending any materials.

Q: How big an area do I need?

A: Space depends on the type of installation. We offer all our customers professional 3D drawings and CAD drawings which show exact measurements. Please contact us for more details.

Q: What's your biggest mill?

A: Our biggest mill is 220KW (300HP) and has a capacity of 6+ tonnes per hour. For bigger volume, multiple mills can be linked in series up to 50 tonnes per hour.

Q: What guarantee do Kesir have?

A: We not only build the highest quality equipment, but all of our systems come with free installation and we offer a 2 year limited warranty on all our products.

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